Grammar Concepts – Madina Arabic Book 2

[work in progress]

Chapter 01

  1. Inna – Particle of Emphasis and Accusative Case
  2. لَعَلَّ (I Hope/Fear)
  3. Having or Possessing – ذُو
  4. Interrogative and Non-Interrogative “Or”
  5. Arabic Numbers : 100 (Mia) &1000 (Alf)
  6. Intro to Nouns  Like غالِِ

Chapter 02

  1. Laisa ليْسَ (is not)
  2. Comparision of Inna اِنَّ with Laisa ليْسَ & Kaana كَانَ

Emphatic Laam ل

Introduction to Mudaria

[Song] Poem – 6 Babs of 3 Letter Root word ( Past to Present)

Arabic Numbers : 11 to 19

Answering the question with بَــلَى and نَــعَــمْ

Comparative and Superlative Degrees

Li Anna ( Because) لِأَنَّ

Transitive and Intransitive Verbs & Maf’oolun Bihi

Verbal Sentence starting with Verb of Third Person

Kaana ( كان )

The Entering of ‘the Hamza of Questioning’ on Al

Ka كَ as a Preposition Brings about Similitude

Protection noon ن

Harfu Nida (Yaa) with Mudaaf – Mudaaf ilaihi

The Accusative Ending of the Sound Faminine Plural

Kam كم Preceded by Preposition

فعل التعجب – Verb of Wonder (Fi’al Ta’ajjub)

Three Kinds of Verbs & Mudaria

Fi’al Amr (Imperative Verb) فعل أمر

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 16

Chapter 25