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Emphatic Laam ل

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Ladder slider game of إِنَّ   and ل  (Seq # 66)

Consider the following statement.

اَلْمَاءُ بَارِدٌ

Its meaning is “The water is cold”. Let us emphasize it first with لامُ الإبْتِداء . So, it will be like below.

لَلْمَاءُ بَارِدٌ

Its meaning is “Indeed, The water is cold”.

Now for the above statement, let us re-emphasize it with إِنَّ . Two emphasize particles cannot co-exist. So the coming إنّ   makes the ل   to slide farther in the statement and it becomes as below.

إِنَّ المَاءَ لَبَارِدٌ.

In the above statement, ل  left الماء   and joined بَارِدٌ  . And الماء  became منصوب. Thus this is Ladder slider game of إنّ  and ل. Thus double emphasis exists in the above statement with the existence of إنّ  and ل.


  • State TRUE or FALSE: In the statement إنَّ الإنسَانَ لَفي خُسْرٍ (Indeed/Verily, man is in loss) both إِنَّ and ل
  • State TRUE or FALSE: Read the verse Quran (18:8). Double emphasis exists in this verse with both إِنَّ and ل .
  • State TRUE or FALSE: Read the verse Quran (18:58). Only single emphasis exists in this verse with ل.

Answers to Exercises

Ladder slider game of إِنَّ   and ل  (Seq # 66) T, T, T

Source for the above : From the notes : Trying to understand the Arabic Language… By Mohammed Aijaz