Book 2 Concepts · Plurals

Some Diptote Plural Forms

Source for above: Book 2 – English Key –  Lesson 25

Book 2 Concepts · Plurals

Mansub form of Jamah Muannas Saalim (Sound Feminine Plurals)

Source: LQToronto Madina Arabic Videos – Book 2 – DVD 07/B2 – 19:20 to 24:44 Suratul Ahzab verse 35

Book 2 Concepts · Plurals

The Accusative Ending of the Sound Faminine Plural – Mansoob of جمع المؤنث السالم is with kasrah

Source: Dr. V. AbdurRahim’s Book 2 – English Key – Chapter 9


Arabic Plurals

Introduction to Arabic Plurals (Seq # 41) Arabic plurals are categorized mainly into two categories, Regular plurals and Broken plurals. Regular plurals are further divided into Sound Masculine Plurals and Sound Feminine Plurals. Regular Plurals will have regular forms (Masculine==> ون , ين) and (Feminine ==> ات) in the end of the words. Keep this… Continue reading Arabic Plurals