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Ka كَ as a Preposition Brings about Similitude

Source: Dr. V. AbdurRahim’s Book 2 – Grammar Book – Dr V.AbdurRahim

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[Song] Attached Pronouns in State of Jarr

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Prepositions & Jaar-Majroor

Prepositions, heavily used topic in Quran (Seq # 15) See the below table of prepositions. English Meaning Proposition from مِنْ in فِي for لِ With, by, in, of, on (Its meaning depends on the context) بِ on عَلَى towards إِلَى About عَــنْ Nouns become مَــجْــرُوْرٌ if they come after any preposition. Consider the noun الْــكِــتَــابُ… Continue reading Prepositions & Jaar-Majroor