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Al-Binaa & Mabni

Concept of Mabni (Seq # 35) In the Arabic language, nouns are declinable. It means that, they have مَرْفُوع , مَنْصُوب , مَجْرور cases with different forms. Some nouns are indeclinable. This means that they don’t change their form (Wherever you find them, they will be same) for مَرْفُوع , مَنْصُوب , مَجْرور cases .… Continue reading Al-Binaa & Mabni

Noun Endings · Nouns

Al-I’raab – Case Endings of Arabic Nouns

Source for the above : Book 1 – Handouts (The institute of the Language of the Qur’an) Source for above : Book 1 – Grammar Book


Indefinite and Definite Nouns

Source for above : ARIC Arabic Class Notes – Book 1 Tanveen (Seq # 1) The tanveen is a symbol that comes on the ending letters of Arabic nouns. Tanveen can be double Dhammah (ــٌ), or double Fatah (ــً) or double Kathrah (ــٍ). Consider a letter ب. Tanveen on this letter can take the form:… Continue reading Indefinite and Definite Nouns


Hamzatul-wasl & Hamzatul-Qata’a

هَــمْــزَةُ الوَصَــلِ وَ هَــمْــزَةُ الْــقَــطَـع (Seq # 20) This is an important topic and needs attention. There are two Hamzas in the Arabic language. They are هَمْزَة الوَصَلْ  and  هَمْزَةُ الْقَطَع. Hamzatul-wasl is read when the sentence or verse is started by it. It is represented by small ص  on top of it. If this… Continue reading Hamzatul-wasl & Hamzatul-Qata’a


Feminine gender Nouns

Feminine gender Nouns (Seq # 8) Arabic is very gender specific language. Noun for feminine gender ends with ة. This ة is called as “round ta” (“ta marbootah”). As an example, the noun for the masculine (male) doctor is طَبِيْبٌ. To make it for the feminine (female) doctor, ة should be added at the end.… Continue reading Feminine gender Nouns

Learn Arabic · Nouns

Triptotes and Diptotes

Note: Quran (15:18:1) represents the Para (Juzz) # 15, chapter # 18, and verse # 1. Triptotes and Diptotes (Seq # 11) This is a very important topic to understand. Nouns in the Arabic language are categorized as Triptotes and Diptotes based on the complete or partial declension of nouns. A noun with complete declension has… Continue reading Triptotes and Diptotes