Book 2 Concepts

Protection noon ن

Noon of Protection

Source for above: Dr. V. AbdurRahim’s Book 2 – English Key – Chapter 9

Protection noon ن (Seq # 102)

In order not to disturb the verb structure protection ن will be added, when the detached pronoun أَنَــا joins the verb. Let us understand by translating the statement “You created me” by using the verb خَــلَــقَ.

خَــلَــقْــتَــنِــي = أَنَــا + خَــلَــقْــتَ

Instead of خَــلَــقْــتَــيْ it is خَــلَــقْــتَــنِــيْ. The added ن is called as protection ن (نُــوْنُ الْــوِقَــايَــةِ).


  • State TRUE or FALSE: The root verb حَــفِــظَ means “he protected”. The construction حَــفِــظْــتَــنِــي means “You protected me”.
  • State TRUE or FALSE: The construction بَــعَــثْــتَــنِــي means “You raised me”.
  • State TRUE or FALSE: The construction ضَــرَبْــتَــنِــي means “You hit me”.

Answers to Exercises

Protection noon ن (Seq # 102) T, T, T

Source: From the notes – Trying to understand the Arabic Language… By Mohammed Aijaz