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Which (أَيُّ)

Which (أَيُّ) (Seq # 71)

The word أَيُّ is always Muzaaf. The noun following it will be Muzaaf ilaihi.

Example: Which companion entered the cave ?

أَيُّ صَــاحِــبٍ دَخَــلَ الْكَــهْــفَ ؟

The أَيُّ declines as أَيُّ (مَــرْفُــوْعٌ), أَيَّ (مَــنْــصُــوْبٌ) and أَيِّ (مَــجْــرُوْرٌ). Attached pronouns can also present with أَيُّ as shown in the below example.

Example: Which of them are best in deeds ?

أَيُّــهُــمْ أَحْــسَنُ عَــمَــلً ؟


  • State TRUE or FALSE: Read the verse Quran (18:12). حِــزْبٌ means party/group. Dual majroor of this noun is حِــزْبَــيْــنِ. Muzaaf Muzaaf iliahi construction exists in this verse which means “Which of the two groups”.
  • State TRUE or FALSE: Read the verse Quran (18:19). The word أَيُّ is present with هــا as attached pronoun.
  • State TRUE or FALSE: The word أَيُّ does not decline.

Answers to Exercises

Which (أَيُّ) (Seq # 71) T, T, F