Madina Arabic – Book 3 – DVD Contents

MAV_BK3_DVD02_PARTA1–Dars1.Last half_Dars2.Key
MAV_BK3_DVD02_PARTB2–Dars2.Tamareen_Approx Last 3 min are Beginning of Dars3(Majhool)
MAV_BK3_DVD02_PARTB3–Dars3.Tamareen_At 34min the main lesson starts_The lesson is covered till the 10th dialogue (Idrees)
MAV_BK3_DVD03_PARTA1–Dars3_At 29th min amma and immu conept_At 33 min samma yusimmi concept
MAV_BK3_DVD03_PARTA2–Dars3.2nd Half_Tamareen till number 5_ right at the end an important formula for making majhool is explained
MAV_BK3_DVD03_PARTA3–Dars3.Tamareen 6 to 9
MAV_BK3_DVD03_PARTB1–Dars3.Tamareen 10 to 12
MAV_BK3_DVD03_PARTB2–Dars3.Tamareen 13 to 25_Start of Dars4 using the key
MAV_BK3_DVD03_PARTB3–End of Dars4_Mostly revision of Ism fa’ils and Ism Maf’uls
MAV_BK3_DVD04_PARTA1–Dars 4.Tamareen 1-4(9)
MAV_BK3_DVD04_PARTA2–Dars4.Tamareen 4(10)-9
MAV_BK3_DVD04_PARTA3–Dars4.Tamareen 9-end_Dars5.key
MAV_BK3_DVD04_PARTB1–Dars5.Tamareen 2-11
MAV_BK3_DVD04_PARTB2–Dars5.Tamareen and main lesson till near ending
MAV_BK3_DVD04_PARTB3–Dars5.End of lesson till no.6 of Tamreen 16
MAV_BK3_DVD05_PARTA1–Dars5.Tamreen 16(6-end)
MAV_BK3_DVD05_PARTA2–Dars5.End of Tamareen_Dars6.Beginning with tamareen
MAV_BK3_DVD05_PARTA3–Dars6.Tamareen and completion of main lesson
MAV_BK3_DVD05_PARTB1–Dars6.Completion of tamareen_Dars7.Beginning with tamareen and start of main lesson
MAV_BK3_DVD05_PARTB2–Dars7.Complete main dars and tamareen
MAV_BK3_DVD05_PARTB3–Dars8.Complete main dars and key explanations, also explanation of verb ta’ala
MAV_BK3_DVD06_PARTA1–Revision of Dars8 and Tamareen till (7) of 2, the hadith
MAV_BK3_DVD06_PARTA2–Completion of Dars8 Tamareen, detailed explanation of verb Ta’al
MAV_BK3_DVD06_PARTA3–Start of dars9, first page of the main lesson is covered
MAV_BK3_DVD06_PARTB1–Wrong file, repetition of DVD06 part A1
MAV_BK3_DVD06_PARTB2–Again replay of old file till 11 40 from where the proper lesson starts; The zameer Iyya is covered and also page 75 or 2nd page of lesson 9
MAV_BK3_DVD06_PARTB3–End of Dars9 (Main Lesson), Tamareen 1 to 5
MAV_BK3_DVD06_PARTB4–Dars9.Tamareen 6 and 7; also hawa main urta jaye song at around 12min !
MAV_BK3_DVD07_PARTA1–Dars9.Tamareen 8 to 10
MAV_BK3_DVD07_PARTA2–Dars9.End of lesson (Tamareen 12 to 17)_Start of lesson 10 from key
MAV_BK3_DVD07_PARTA3–End of Dars10 key and start to end of main lesson
MAV_BK3_DVD07_PARTB1–Last paragraph of dars10 (main lesson), Tamareen 1 to 3
MAV_BK3_DVD07_PARTB2–Tamreen 4 of lesson 10_ start of lesson 11 with discussion of mubtada khabr rules from tamareen section
MAV_BK3_DVD07_PARTB3–Start to end of main lesson (Dars11), tamareen 1-8
MAV_BK3_DVD08_PARTA1–End of lesson 12(summary tables at end of chapter). Start of lesson 12 from key(half complete)
MAV_BK3_DVD08_PARTA2–Dars 12 (Main lesson) and explanation of Particle of condition Laow
MAV_BK3_DVD08_PARTA3–end of main lesson 12 and Tamareen till #5 (5)
MAV_BK3_DVD08_PARTB1–Dars12.Tamareen 6 to near end (tamreena a’ama)
MAV_BK3_DVD08_PARTB2–End of Dars12. Starting explanations for dars13 from key and by Br asif
MAV_BK3_DVD08_PARTB3–End of Dars 13(Main lesson). Tamareen (1-3)
MAV_BK3_DVD09_PARTA1–Continues with dars3 tamareen
MAV_BK3_DVD09_PARTA2–end of dars13 tamareen and start of dars14 from handout and key
MAV_BK3_DVD09_PARTA3–Dars 14 main lesson and half of the tamareen
MAV_BK3_DVD09_PARTB1–Completion of the rest of the tamareen from lesson14
MAV_BK3_DVD09_PARTB2–Start of dars 15 with the main lesson, almost done with 1st page
MAV_BK3_DVD09_PARTB3–completed dars 15 main lesson
MAV_BK3_DVD10_PARTA1–dars 15 tamareen 1 completed
MAV_BK3_DVD10_PARTA2–done with some more tamareen from dars 15
MAV_BK3_DVD10_PARTA3–More of the Tamareen from dars 15
MAV_BK3_DVD10_PARTB1–Tamareen dars15 explanation of Kam khabaria and istifhamia
MAV_BK3_DVD10_PARTB2–End of Dars15(all). start of dars16 from tamareen
MAV_BK3_DVD10_PARTB3–Continuation of Tamareen from dars16, beautiful explanation of the word Subhana
MAV_BK3_DVD11_PARTA1–Around half of the main lesson of dars16
MAV_BK3_DVD11_PARTA2–completed main lesson and started tamareen from page 139
MAV_BK3_DVD11_PARTA3–completion of tamareen from dars16.start of dars17 with tamareen and done till half of main lesson
MAV_BK3_DVD11_PARTB1–Revision of dars17 from key, beautiful explanation of Laam u ibtida
MAV_BK3_DVD11_PARTB2–Completion of dars17 from key and half of main dars17 also done
MAV_BK3_DVD11_PARTB3–completion of main lesson dars17. back to tamareen, starting with no.6
MAV_BK3_DVD12_PARTA1–Continuation of tamareen dars17, starts from the Ayah in tamareen 6
MAV_BK3_DVD12_PARTA2–completion of tamareen from dars17. Introduction to lesson 18
MAV_BK3_DVD12_PARTA3–Studied the key of dars18 and started main lesson
MAV_BK3_DVD12_PARTB1–completion of main lesson dars18
MAV_BK3_DVD12_PARTB2–Tamareen of dars18
MAV_BK3_DVD12_PARTB3–Still on Tamareen of dars18
MAV_BK3_DVD13_PARTA1–Analysis of a quranic verse and continuation of dars18 tamareen with the verb ‘ara’ and its appearance in the quran
MAV_BK3_DVD13_PARTA2–tamareen dars18
MAV_BK3_DVD13_PARTA3–Tamareen Dars18
MAV_BK3_DVD13_PARTB1–End of dars18 tamareen.start of dars 19 from key
MAV_BK3_DVD13_PARTB2–Some tamareen from dars19 and start of main lesson dars19
MAV_BK3_DVD13_PARTB3–Completion of main lesson Dars 19
MAV_BK3_DVD14_PARTA1–Tamareen dars19
MAV_BK3_DVD14_PARTA2–Tamareen 9-11 from dars19
MAV_BK3_DVD14_PARTA3–Done with entire Dars19. intro to dars20
MAV_BK3_DVD14_PARTB1–intro to form5 from tamareen and start of main lesson dars20. nice songs from br asif!!
MAV_BK3_DVD14_PARTB2–Done with main lesson Dars20. Done with tamreen 5 Dars20
MAV_BK3_DVD14_PARTB3–Completion of dars20 tamareen and thus entire lesson
MAV_BK3_DVD15_PARTA1–Start of dars 21, initially from key and then tamareen
MAV_BK3_DVD15_PARTA2–Main lesson of dars 21 almost complete
MAV_BK3_DVD15_PARTA3–Dars21 main lesson complete. Tamareen done till numer 8
MAV_BK3_DVD15_PARTB1–Tamareen of dars21, done till 13
MAV_BK3_DVD15_PARTB2–End of entire lesson 21. Start of particles resembling verbs
MAV_BK3_DVD15_PARTB3–Done with particles resembling verbs. Done with main lesson dars22. Reading key of dars 22, revision of mutawa’a

Source: Brother Hassan @ LQToronto forum