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Madina Arabic Reader Vol. 6 & 7 ( For Book 3) – Dr V. Abdur Rahim

Madinah Arabic Reader is the children’s version of our Shaykh’s world renowned Arabic Course named Duruus al-Lughah al-“Arabiyyah li Ghayr al-Naatiqiina bihaa. Using the teaching methods of Madinah Islaamic University, lexical and grammatical elements, reading, writing and oral skills are taught in precise, methodical steps using colour-coded learning aids, vibrant pictures, activities and class practicals. A world of creative exercises test all areas of the young learner’s grammar, language skills and comprehension.

Professor Abdur Rahim’s eight-volume texts enable the student to acquire a knowledge of Arabic in the classical structural form. All of the books teach essential language skills through applied grammar. Each lesson is based on a conversation which illustrates distinctive language patterns. A variety of exercises helps the student to understand and master each of the patterns occurring in the lesson. The vocabulary ranges from classical and Quranic Arabic to words and expressions current in modern Arabic. This series of books is currently being utilized at various schools to prepare students for the University of London (UK) GCE O-Level and A-Level examinations.

NOTE: Madinah Arabic Reader Books 1-2, correspond to Duruus al-Lughah Vol. 1. Madinah Arabic Reader Books 3-5, correspond to Duruus al-Lughah Vol. 2. Volume 6, 7 & 8 correspond  to Duruus al-Lughah Vol. 3.

Madina Arabic Reader Vol. 6 & 7 ( For Book 3) - Dr V. Abdur Rahim

Madinah Arabic Reader: Book 6:
Authored by our Shaykh, published by Goodword Books (2013 CE).

A4 size, coloured pages,  artwork and illustrations typographical devices,Harakaat placed on all the words, a wealth of new knowledge, and recommended for children and adult learners of Madinah Book 3. The new volume 6 corresponds to Madinah Arabic Book 3, lessons 1-5.

Copyrighted material follows. For non-commercial use only with due acknowledgement. With kind permission of our Shaykh and Goodword Books.

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