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Kitaab Al-Mu”allim li Duruus al-Lughah for the Graduates of the 3 Madinah Books

Teachers: Proceed to your new library for a wealth of resources, practicals, lessons, worksheets, meticulous notes and advice from the 3 guide books for teachers named : ‘Kitaab Al-Mu”allim li Duruus al-Lughah’  :  Teachers’ Library

Kitaab Al-Muallim li Duruus al-Lughah for the Graduates of the 3 Madinah Books

Kitaab Al-Mu”allim : Three outstanding, interactive, guide books for:

  • 1. Teachers teaching the 3 Madinah Books
  • 2. Graduates of the 3 Madinah Books
  • 3. Advanced Students of Arabic (see the file ‘overview’)

Graduates of the 3 Madinah Books / Advanced Students: Advance your knowledge of Arabic with the unique wealth of advanced lexical and grammatical notes contained in these guides which expand the original topics learnt in the 3 Madinah Books and teach new concepts not taught before; discover common grammar errors made by students and teachers and learn the corrections; develop your Arabic reading, writing and comprehension skills; develop Arabic oral skills and much more … (read ‘Overview of Guides’). And sample the ‘Extracts of Grammatical Notes‘ below:

Kitaab Al-Mu’allim – Overview of Guides

Kitaab al-Mu’allim – Extracts of Grammatical Notes

Kitaab Al-Mu’allim Vol 1 – Teaching Methods

Kitaab Al-Mu’allim Vol 2 – Detailed Teaching Methods and Advice

Kitaab Al-Mu’allim Vol 3 – Teaching Methods and Guidance

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