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Nuur-un ‘alaa Nuur : Suurat al-Nuur Aayaat 35-46 – Lexical & Grammatical Notes

Nuur-un “alaa Nuur : Suurat al-Nuur Aayaat 35-46 - With Lexical & Grammatical Notes

نــــور على نـــور

Nuur-un “alaa Nuur : Suurat al-Nuur Aayaat 35-46 – With Lexical & Grammatical Notes


A profound Qur’aanic selection whose aayaat speak of Allaah’s Greatness, Majesty and Divinity, promise and encourage believers towards greater iimaan and strike parables of unbelief with profound meanings.

Shaykh Dr. V. Abdur Rahim provides:

  • extensive lexical & grammatical notes;
  • exegetical notes from the classical works of tafsiir and commentaries by the Shaykh
  • extensive additional notes;
  • diverse exercises to test grammar, comprehension and language skills;
  • exhaustive index with alphabetical listing for easy reference;
  • Harakaat placed on every word
  •  Generous spacing and lay-out, large fonts for easy reading;
  • Two-tone colour print and top quality design.

Published by Lqtoronto Canada, (Sept 2012 CE), distributed by Islamic Foundation Trust (Chennai, India)

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