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Interrogative particle مَــا

Interrogative particle مَــا (Seq # 73)

The particleمَــا  has many uses depending on the context. One of uses of مَــا is to ask a question. It’s literal translated word in the English language is “What”. Example is shown below…

What is your name ?

مَــا اِسْــمُــكَ ؟

What is this ?

مَــا هَــذا ؟

When preposition is preceded with مَــا, then ending alif (ا) gets drop as below…

بِ + مَــا = بِــمَ  (with what ?)

لِ + مَــا = لِــمَ  (for what, why ?)

مِــنْ + مَــا = مِــمَّ (from what ?)

عَـــنْ + مَــا = عَــمَّ (about what ?)